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Computer Engineer and Game Programmer

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You are seeing the portfolio of Pablo Silvestre Soler, a computer engineer specialized and linked to videogames sector but with experience in science research. Here you can see some projects developed in companies that I have worked to, fun-side projects developed in my free time to test some libraries and technologies and an extract of my resume.

Nowaydays, I'm working as a freelance in a project of a company Rosie Reality, developing a crossplatform game in augmented reality called Rosie AR. The game is being developed using Unity framework and it has didactic purposes to teach basic concepts of programming to children.

I have worked in companies like Playgram Games S.L., a startup in which I was part of the team that founds the company. I was the main developer of cross-platform framework developed in a top layer of Unity to create a solid base code for web and mobile games (Silverwall platform). The company was specialized in F2P puzzle games for mobile similar to Candy Crush or Toy Blast. In this period, I was the main developer of Pirate Match Adventure, game publish in Google Play, Apple Store and Facebook.

Combining with this job, I was couple months on Sunburned Games S.L., company in which my main task was to help them to publish a RPG game made with Unity to PC and Steam platform: The Great Whale Road.

Some time ago, I adquired experience in F2P casino games as part of company Here I helped to develop an horizontal framework to port web games already existing in company to mobile devices. I was the main developer behing Our Bingo mobile, game published in Google Play, Apple Store, Amazon AppStore and Facebook.

On the other hand, in science research sector, I did a project for the university integrating in a mapped 3d of Politechnic University of Valencia a service to help new student to choose a university career depending on their skills, likes and creating a single profile through some interactive questionnaies made in Unity. Also I was part, for around two years, of sofware developer team of Biomechanics Institute of Valencia doing some projects related to visualization 3d, photogrammetry and studying human movements.

I'm always open for new opportunities, projects, technologies, teams, campaigns... if you want to share something with me, contact me.

I can contribute

Videogames and multimedia projects

Unity 3d expert with years of experience developing videogames of different genres, multimedia and science research projects

Software Architecture

Use of software design patterns oriented to improve optimization, maintainability, scalability and stability for projects

Projects and tasks management

Use of development agile methodologies to guarantee a correct estimation and execution for each task