Fun Side Projects

BOB: Battle of Bombs (C#, Unity)

BOB is a puzzle game based on classic “Minesweeper” adding different game mechanics and services commonly shown on F2P games of today: levels of game progression, power ups, ads… It is a game with continuous development used as base code for testing and analyzing new tools, libraries and services to include these in published games.

The game is oriented to mobile devices supporting landscape and portrait orientation with a minimalist and intuitive interface allowing user to navigate through reading as less text as possible. It uses PlayFab and Javascript for remote data support.


Captured (AS3, Flash, Adobe AIR)

Captured is a basic RPG with an overhead perspective where we are a prisoner trying to escape from military base. Our mission will be to escape with stealth avoiding to be discovered by cameras or soldiers and solving puzzles that are been appearing during the road. If we are detected, an alarm will be activated and we have to achieve arriving blind spots or safe areas of each level to deactivate it. The game is inspired and implement, in a very basic way, a well known mechanic used in games like Metal Gear Solid but without adding any weapon: we only will be able to escape avoiding to be discovered by the enemies to success in each level.

The game was developed originally for mobile devices as a demo with a single level completed, but the analysis and design is done for 7 completed levels. The project was part of work presented for course linked to programming in AS3, Flash and Adobe AIR.


Piano (C#, Unity, Blender)

It is a very simple project in which, using a single static downloaded mesh and dividing it in Blender, it will be imported to Unity adding some physical behaviour and sound to create an interactive piano. It has three ways to interact with the piano: keyboard, mouse or touching screen and controlling a sphere to show physical behaviour of piano keys.

This project is done to show the knowledge adquired in a basic course about programming in C# and Unity 3d.


Bowling 3D (AS3, Flash)

Very basic game used to test on first hand the capabilities added by Away3D library for Flash, library that allowed add 3d rendering as layer of Flash. It uses 3d physics engine to develop a very simple bownling simulator playing a custom bownling match of 10 rounds.

This project was developed to show knowledged adquired in a course related to develop 3d games for smartphones and tablets.


Polygon (Java, libGDX)

Platform game developed to test the library libGDX using Java. It has simple graphics and a mechanic based on 2D physics in which we have to collect some items, that impacts in our control of character because they have physical behaviour, and arrive to checkpoint area of each level. It is planned with a history mode based on basic cinematics shown when we arrive to some checkpoints and, as much we progress, as much characters we unlock with different control behaviours. The game has three character types: a triangle with the ability to launch ropes to the roof and balancing using them, an square that can change the gravity orientation and a circle that it is controlled without gravity, using only mobile orientation. The peculiarity of this game is the impact that items collected produce on control of main character: collect an item implies that it is part of our body so, we weight more than before, it changes our gravity center and, in consequence, our control of the main character.

The main motivation behind this game was to know the odds of libGDX and test Box2d physic library.