Professional Projects

Rosie AR (Unity, C#)

Rosie AR is an augmented reality crossplatform game currently in development. It uses Apple ARKit and Google ARCore over Unity ARFoundation to create a shared augmented reality experience between both platforms.

The main purpose of the game is to teach basic concepts of programming to children. The target is to guide the endearing robot Rosie to the goal using certain commands placed in the board which Rosie executes in a sequential order.




Silverwall Platform (C#, Unity)

Base code developed for mobile, desktop and web platforms following a model-view-controller-model (MVCA) pattern architecture, dividing data, logic and user or graphic interface. Its main purpose is provide a base code that it is maintainable, scalable and isolated from particular projects. It follows software pattern SOLID, helping to behaviours extension and use flexibility.

Other entities present in the platform are the services, containing logic controller and data model in a single and isolated entity; and the modules, containing an MVCA architecture with a specific behaviour that, solving their dependencies, are reusable in different contexts.



Pirate Match Adventure (Unity, C#, Javascript, HTML5)

Pirate Match Adventure is a F2P crossplatform puzzle game made with Unity and published in Google Play, Apple Store and Facebook. It envolves pirate environment with a cartoon style, being a game with progression based on levels with growing difficulty. Following progression, more mechanics are added in the way that user interacts with the board trying to accomplish the different targets that are being proposed.

I was responsible for:

  • Develop the application architecture, state machine, services and integration of a dependency code injector engine (Unity y C#)
  • Select, integrate and develop some external services: IAP, Facebook, PlayFab, CDN, Ads (Unity Ads y AdMob), Google Play Games, Game Center…
  • Integration of graphics developed by artist in the project: static images and animations done using Spine
  • Programming user interface, interaction and programming of animated characters, as well as some graphic effects like sunrise and sunset animation
  • Integration of service and tools to support language localization
  • Integration of a manager for analytic services: from own development, Flurry y Unity Analytics
  • Development and integration of a runtime error manager for application
  • Manage credentials and publishing for Google Play, Apple Store, Facebook canvas and Facebook Gameroom
  • Implementation of user authentication services, encryption services and client-server data synchronization
  • Programming and management of PlayFab server with Javascript



The Great Whale Road (Unity, C#, Javascript)

The Great Whale Road is a PC game published in Steam platform (now retired but gameplay is visible in analysis videos in youtube) that mixes RPG with enough narrative, resource management and turn-based combat. It is set in the medieval era of nordic countries and has a story progression based in events and campaigns selected by the user that, depending of these decisions taken, modifies the course of the game. It is designed to growth deeply using JSON files that form the story campaigns for characters and the background story.

I collaborated in development in different ways:

  • Management of dynamic and on demand events for user
  • Improve and implementation of cameras behaviour usability and combat interface
  • Fixing some bugs and race conditions to finish game cycle
  • Document project with dependency and flow analysis
  • Tool developed over Google Spreadsheet to allow game designers exporting data exposed in tables in JSON format following some syntax rules (Javascript)



Our Bingo-Video Bingo (AS3, AIR, Java, PHP)

Our Bingo-Video Bingo is a F2P crossplatform game based of casino simulation category. It is multiplayer divided in rooms depending on subgames rules and it is published in Google Play, Apple Store, Amazon AppStore and Facebook. Contains three sugames: classic bingo (multiplayer), videobingo or theme rooms (multiplayer) and a fast-way bingo with characteristics more similar to slots (single player). It is integrated inside game portal and has data and economy shared between all the games presented in the portal.

My main work in this project was:

  • Implementation and development of horizontal framework to reuse it for some other mobile applications that are going to develop the company (AS3)
  • Integration of third-party services for mobile platforms: IAP, Facebook, push notifications… (AS3, Java, PHP)
  • Support and validation of purchases and receipt for IAP (AS3, Java y PHP)
  • Integration of graphics using Starling and creation of atlases on runtime in mobile devices based on vectorial graphics (AS3, AIR)
  • Integration of subgame (VideoBingo) with all code shared between web and mobile using dependency code injector engine (AS3, RobotLegs)
  • Port internal services already existing in company for web to mobile platform: authentication, analytics, runtime-error management…
  • Integration of animations done in Dragon Bones
  • Dependency analysis and flow diagrams of each module developed for project
  • Management of credenatials and publishing for Google Play, Apple AppStore, Amazon AppStore y Facebook



Our Vegas-Casino Slots y Our Slots-Casino (AS3)

Our Vegas y Our Slots are F2P games based on casino simulation and, being specific, included in slots category. They are published in Google Play, Apple Store, Amazon AppStore y Facebook. They contain a big quantity of themes and game mechanics that attract all kinds of users. Our Slots is integrated and share data with game portal while Our Vegas is self-contained.

I only did support tasks for these projects:

  • Support to use crossplatform framework developed in the company
  • Use of tools, services and horizontal modules developed in some projects of the company



Project Integra2 UPV (Unity, C#, PHP, MySQL)

Project based on development of a smart tutor system that helps students to select their university careers and linkage of this system to map 3d of Polytechnic University of Valencia (contains modeling and mapped of each buildings in the campus). The project is composed of a client done in C# and Unity while the server data base it is developed using PHP and MySQL. The project is divided in some phases:

  1. Authentication and get user data from server
  2. Show in a visual and atractive way some questionnaires to user in which, analyzing response results, it is obtained a defined profile and are weighing and ordering university careers depending on the these profile values
  3. Integration of selected careers on map 3d of university to, using A* algorithm and path finding, optimize routes to visit the buildings where these careers are imparted
  4. Free navigation of the user on map 3d of the university tutored by proposed path depending on selected career to visit



Biomechanics Institute of Valencia (C++, Blender, Ogre3d)

In this research institute I did some projects as part of software development department.
I developed these aspects of different projects:

  • Kinescan IBV 2011
    • Animation 3d for helping in the process of assigning and visualizing markers for photogrammetry processes
    • Visualization 3d for platforms measuring force
    • Representation 3d of human movements using information provided by markers in motion capture system
  • NedCervical, NedLumbar y NedRodilla
    • Representation 3d of human movements using information provided by markers
    • Simulation of human movement in realistic way using inverse cinematic to show complete animation not provided by markers
    • Integration of IP cameras to record real scene
  • Visual conflict test
    • Modeling, composing, programming and management of test to measure the balance thorugh virtual reality simulation
    • Programming of a stereoscopic vision glasses (virtual reality glasses of VUZIX)